Explore Student Services

 Know my campus

Find out about Adamjee Coaching Centre orientation and transition programs to become familiar with campus life, and use campus navigation to find your next class.

 Plan for success

Plan your academic requirements and opportunities, create a strategy for experiences outside the classroom to complement your coursework, and get support when you need it.

 Live well to learn well

Take care of your mental and physical health and manage your personal safety so that you can do your best while you're at Adamjee Coaching Centre.

 Have some fun

Balance your academic life with friends and activities - participate in campus life, Don't involved in bad activities.

 Build my career

Connect your education to the world beyond Adamjee Coaching Centre advance your career, find experiences outside the classroom to develop skills, get involved to build your network.

 Manage my courses, money

Get stuff done - register for class,   pay your tuition, get your study permit ` sorted, figure out your housing and get your Goal.